Educate. Nourish.

Inspire. Connect.

“Sharing the Earth’s gifts

with those who seek her bounty”



OneRoot is a market garden located just south of Lamont, Iowa that brings unique fresh produce to a rural area.

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We host farm dinners that offer a unique dining experience which provokes conversations about the current food system.

  • Educate individuals about their role in the current food system.

  • Nourish body and soul with biodynamic produce.

  • Inspire you to take action and get involved.

  • Connect you directly to the land and each other.

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 “Sharing the Earth’s Gifts with those who seek her bounty”

I am helping individuals see the world through a wide-open, receptive lens by creating an educational space where my community can experience a peaceful, biodynamic garden in sync with the natural world.  The vegetables in this garden truly are life sustaining gifts the Earth provides. I am facilitating their growth, but they are the ones transforming earth into food.  I have profound respect for the plants that build this world. Humans are consumers by our very nature. We need the gifts that the plants provide to sustain ourselves. My farming philosophy is to work with nature instead of battling, manipulating or destroying her.  Working with the natural world means getting in tune with the biological rhythms that surround us by noticing how plants evolve during the seasons and harnessing natural forces to grow deeply nourishing food.

I sense a profound loss of connection to one’s food in this country. The current system does not allow you to connect directly to the source. Much of the food we consume is sterile and lacks richness. I have found great depth in the connection with the food that nourishes my body and have noticed great improvement in both my mental and physical health.  This is what I want to share. The central goal of OneRoot is to connect us to our food, one another, and the land.


The first visual sign of a germinating seed is the emergence of the first root, the radicle. Every seed begins its journey in this world with just OneRoot and from that root the rest develops. OneRoot also refers to the common root of each human, each living being. This animating force brings us to life. The OneRoot of existence connects us all.

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While recovering from a broken leg, I was forced to stop. From this stillness, I reconsidered the direction I was headed and awakened to the ephemerality of life on Earth. From this understanding, I felt a calling deep within my being to follow a dream, so I moved home to steward the land that I was raised on. My parents graciously allowed me to transform the old cattle pasture into a bountiful garden.


Land Steward, Gardener, Farmer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Community Builder - Derick Perkins

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2020 Dinner Series

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Throughout the summer of 2020 OneRoot will host a series of dinners that aim to connect attendees to the land that provides the food, the land steward who grew the food, and the other attendees of the dinner.  The dinners will be held on the farm, in the middle of the garden. The food for the dinner will come directly from the land where the dinner is held. The number of attendees is limited (12) to cultivate meaningful conversations at the dinner table. A list of conversation topics, dates, and prices of dinners is listed below. 

In order to alleviate a financial barrier, 2 tickets for each dinner are available at a reduced rate plus 3 hours of your time assisting in set up.  Inquire directly to reserve these limited tickets.



No upcoming events at the moment